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James Beverly knows the real promise of the American Dream, in many ways because he has lived it. His mother, a school teacher, installed within him a burning curiosity to learn and a passion to work for future generations. His father, a hard-working, blue-collar employee – who was forced to leave to find a good job to support his family – taught him the reward of hard-work, the dignity of a paycheck, and a profound dedication to family.

Inspired by his parents, young James was ready to get to work.


A star athlete in his community, James earned a sports scholarship to attend Guilford College in North Carolina. Following graduate school at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, where he was president of his class, James moved to Atlanta, Georgia. There, James attended seminary school and studied theology.


Opening his first private practice in Georgia in 1996, James quickly realized his passion was in helping children. He wanted all kids to be able to see the good in the world, and the change we can create together. As Dr. Beverly observed the changes in health care, he saw the need to better educate himself and his community on the relationship between government, business, employment, and community growth.

In 2010, Dr. Beverly Graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School with a Masters Degree in Public Administration. In 2011, James Beverly was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives to represent the 143rd district.

James has seen what can be accomplished through the American Dream. Unfortunately, that American Dream is not obtainable anymore. Decades of Republican inaction and regressive policies benefiting their wealthy donors have left the hard working, middle-class Americans desperate for a change. James Beverly is fighting for that change.


James believes that Healthcare and education should be quality, affordable and accessible to everyone, not just wealthy urbanites. James believes that our hard-earned taxpayer dollars should be invested into our hard-working Georgia families and communities, not out-of-state special finance and wealthy campaign contributors. James believes that we need to take care of our air, water and other natural blessings now, so that our grandchildren will have it later. And in times of crisis, James believes that a leader should not divide citizens, attack local governments, and attempt to seize more control. Instead, James will be a leader who inspires.

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The Issues

Reinvesting In Our


For far too long, taxpayer dollars from hard-working Georgia families have been reinvested in out-of-state finance. We need a government that will invest in Georgia workers and Georgia's education. We have the opportunity to lead the country through innovation in the next decade.

Rebuilding Our Communities

Poor economic policy over the last decade has crippled our rural and suburban communities. We need representatives in the state house who will look out for the most vulnerable in our community and who will fight for our children's future and safety.

Restoring Leadership

In Our Communities

Georgia deserves leaders who share our values. James Beverly is a proven community leader, with a passion and drive for helping others. James Beverly won't work for out-of-state finance and special interest. He will work for us, listen to us, and take action.


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